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Our Feline Staff

Our feline staff at The Cat Doctor is a never-ending source of entertainment for our clients and patients.  Sylvester is even on YouTube hunting cans of cat food.  Fortunately he never learned how to open them.

All of our cats have a back story.  All had been abandoned, injured, or were facing euthanasia for medical reasons.  They were all rescued, given needed medical treatment, and given a new home at our clinic.  


Client greeter, Entertainer, Trouble-maker, Bad Boy, and the newest addition to the feline staff.

Moe was abandoned at a motel in south Sacramento in September 2013 where Dr. Simpson was staying.  A guest checked in with him, and checked out without him.  The motel owner wanted him "gone," but nobody at the motel was willing to take any responsibility for even taking him to a shelter.  The motel is surrounded by Hwy 99 and very busy 4-lane streets on 3 sides and industrial land on the 4th.  There are no nearby residences.  His future looked bleak, so Dr. Simpson brought him home with the intention of finding him another home.  But the staff at The Cat Doctor insisted he stay.  He's very friendly with everybody, but he is constantly getting into trouble - like breaking into food storage areas.  We joke that now we know why his former owner abandoned him.




WAS Entertainer, Cat Toy Demonstrator, now mostly couch potato

Turbo is the sole survivor of a litter of kittens born to a feral cat in a bin used to store carpet foam scraps behind the former home improvement store next door to us.  The bin would have been a good home for her kittens, but unfortunately the mother cat did not take into account that it was emptied every few days by a recycling company.  A couple of guys arrived before the store opened one day, climbed into the bin to throw the foam out, and stepped on and killed most of the kittens.  They did not even tell any of the store employees what they had done.  Later, a store employee went out on the loading dock in the back and heard a noise.  He looked into the bin and saw 5 newborn kittens.  Three were dead, one had symptoms of head injury and died soon after, and only one was still alive.  Another store employee brought him to us when we opened. He was so cold he appeared dead at first.  He was warmed and bottle fed for 24 hrs while a trap was set on the loading dock.  Sure enough, the next morning, Mom was in the trap.  We kept her for 6 weeks so she could nurse Turbo.  She never did tame down.  The reason Turbo has such a short tail is because the end of his tail died and fell off when he was about 10 days old, because he had gotten so cold that first morning without his mother, in the empty bin. 



Lap Sitter, Cute, Playmate for Moe

Tabitha is the newest addition to our feline staff. She was close to death from anemia when brought in by a caring cat lover who found her in her back yard when she was only about 6 weeks old. Fleas had sucked almost all the blood out of her. But she came to life after a blood transfusion and got steadily stronger. And she grew.  Especially outward! Her mother was probably feral, so she is a little timid. At first she hid a lot, but she's gradually getting more bold. She's very social with people and loves to sit in laps and walk across computer keyboards.  She is very cute and we are hoping she will be a replacement for Mabel, but she's still shy with people she doesn't know.

Former beloved feline staff members, gone but never forgotten, still alive in our hearts:


Sylvester (1996-2013)

Greeter, Lap Sitter, Mighty Cat Food Can Hunter, Pill Taking Demonstrator 

Sylvester crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on November 13, 2013.   He was one-of-a-kind and is greatly missed.

We adopted Sylvester when he was 3 years old from a cat rescue group to which he had been surrendered for medical treatment after suffering repeated urethral obstructions.  The former owner had requested euthanasia, but agreed to relinquish him to the rescue organization instead.

Mabel (1998-2014)

Office Decor, Soft Paws Demonstrator, Mood Elevator, World's Cutest Cat

Mabel succumbed to pancreatic cancer and went to the Rainbow Bridge on December 8, 2014 to meet up with her former owner.  It will not be the same around here without her sweet face and loud purr.  

Mabel was abandoned on our doorstep when she was about a year old.  She had recently nursed kittens, had missing hair because of flea allergy, and a broken tooth.  We took her in, spayed her, put her on a flea preventative, and did root canal therapy on the broken tooth.  Nine months later we adopted her out to a good client who had recently lost her cat to kidney failure.  We continued to see Mabel frequently because her new owner boarded her with us often.  One day we got a call that her owner had been killed in an auto accident.  Her step-daughter had found a vaccine reminder card from us on her desk.  We took Mabel back and she has been with us ever since.


Moonie (Moon Unit, aka Scooter, aka Super Moon) (1999-2014)

Companion, Office Decor, Ebony's boyfriend, World's Sweetest Cat

Moonie lost his battle with cancer on July 22, 2014 and went to the Rainbow Bridge to join Sylvester.  He was the most gentle cat who ever lived and will be greatly missed.

Moonie was surrendered to us at 1 yr of age after being attacked by dogs.  He had horrific maggot-infested injuries to the skin and muscles of his hind legs and required surgery and extensive care his owner could not afford.  She reluctantly requested euthanasia.  His gentle temperament despite his painful injuries impressed us, so rather than euthanizing him, we assumed ownership, treated him at our expense for weeks, and he eventually recovered.    


Ebony (2000-2017)

Haircut Model, was Moonie's girlfriend 

Ebony was one of a litter of 6 kittens a former barber next door brought to his shop.  A former employee saw her and brought her over.  "Close your eyes and hold out your hand," she said.  Just what we needed, another cat.  The employee argued she could be a replacement for Onyx, a longhaired black cat we had recently lost to cancer at 16 yrs of age.  The clincher was that Ebony had an injury to her chin that required surgery to suture back skin that had been torn away from the tip of her jaw.  It was obvious we could not return her because she needed the surgery to have any hope of a normal life without disfigurement.   

Ebony joined her boyfriend Moonie at the Rainbow Bridge in 2017 after a losing battle with a chronic illness that was never definitively diagnosed despite repeated tests and x-rays.  She eventually developed esophageal dysfunction and laryngeal paralysis which made her unable to hold down food and struggling to breathe, so we were left with only one humane choice. Cancer was suspected but never proven.