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Posted By :    Charles
Posted :    11/13/2020
Comments :    So my cat was having some constipation issues for a few days.. I googled a couple of things and tried, she is going pretty normal, but looks bloated and tired, so I googled again and came across the cat doctor... I emailed an appointment request on Tuesday 11/10/20 and was contacted shortly after, I explained what was going on verbally and in the email. I was given an appointment for today, Thursday 11/12/20 at 9:00 am. I printed out the paperwork online and had my cat in her carrier and at the doctor at 9. The receptionist said that they were busy, and would switch her into one of their cages so she would have more room to move around, but it would cost, no worries, so I take off and leave Midnyte at the doctor.. I got home at 2:30 and called for an update. They told me that they hadn't gotten to her yet but would call me shortly. I got a call from the doctor about 35 minutes later, and after exchanging pleasantries, she told me that they couldn't do anything with my cat because she was "hissing and scratching at us" I stopped her there and told her that my cat is over loving, very gentle, and loves to be loved. Right there the doctor stops me and straight said to me So you are calling me a liar ? That took me by surprise, but I wanted to see what was going on with my cat... She told me that they could only weigh her in her carrier, and that she is overweight, but doesn't look sick.. she gave me a couple of diatary suggestions and I told her I was on my way to the office. She mentioned that I would not be billed 13.00 for the cage fee, as she never went into a cage.. So my cat, who has been in her carrier for the last 7 hours now, has not been evaluated, not given the chance to stretch, eat, not even water, and I know this because they never even looked at her until after I called, and she called back way too fast to have finished up a very big tooth cleaning, then come over, try to calmly gain a moment of trust, and try to evaluate her They did absolutely nothing to her except weigh her, and they didn't even take her out of the carrier.. look doctor, some where in your schooling had to be a chapter on calming down a scared cat, I mean after all your business is called the cat doctor.... This is supposed to be your specialty I get to the office, it's like 4:15 now and they were still working on the bill.... I waited another 10 minutes outside, and got the bill, and a letter explaining how they couldn't do any exam because my cat was frightened.and in defense mode... If I was locked in a tiny cage for 7 hours, no food, water or bathroom, and someone I don't know stuck their hand in I'd be a little scared too... So I paid 69.50 for them to weigh my cat and talk about cat food.. What gets me besides that my Midnyte was locked in a box all day, was that when I requested the appointment, I also noted in the comments that I wanted to have her nails clipped too, so if my big bad cat scared the office people, they could have clipped her nails and had nothing to worry about.. . I asked them to.... I got home and the VERY FIRST THING Midnyte did when I opened the door was RUN, not walk, not look around, but RAN to her box I have seen some of your reviews, and I can see what some people are saying.... I see you take their concerns and and reviews and try to justify it, your attitude, is something else, and I have seen you tell people to file a case with some organization you are a part of, like that would be beneficial to anyone.... I am telling you that I will be looking into this further, and will follow up....
Posted By :    "Blue Eyes" & "Miss Little"
Posted :    11/24/2015
Comments :    Dr. Simpson is one of the the best, kindest cat doctor! Both of our cats have been treated by her & both are doing so well! Dr. Simpson is very informative during our visits! She takes her time to explain everything, anything we needed to know! Her staff are super friendly & helpful! Anyway, here's a cat story we'd like to share with everyone! A sick stray found on our patio on Thursday 11/19/2015. Sick stray rushed to Forgotten Felines where microchip found on him. Chip scanned but not registered! Chip s/n tracked & found its original purchaser. Tracked & found his relatives in Santa Rosa! Meanwhile, Forgotten Felines has no vacancy for sick stray! Took him to Dr. Simpson for immediate medical, clinical treatments! Sick stray kindly treated by Dr. Simpson & eventually handed over to county animal shelter where he will continue receiving any other medical treatments as needed before he's up for adoption! We were so glad that Dr. Simpson had spent all her valuable time, effort to save another life! Her heart of gold is forever remembered & her kindness is gratefully appreciated! On behave of Edun, we thank her for saving his life! Thank you Dr. Simpson & all her staff!
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