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Listed below are feline health articles written by Dr. Simpson.

File NameDescription / Comment
10 Subtle Signs of SicknessCats are masters at hiding illness, so it may not always be obvious if they are sick. Watch for these signs and and contact your veterinarian if you notice these changes in behavior.
How to Give Your Cat a PillRidiculously detailed description of a very technique-sensitive procedure!
Upper Respiratory InfectionsCauses, symptoms, treatment, and prevention of upper respiratory infections.
Visiting the Vet: Tips for a Stress-Free TripThere are more owned cats than dogs in America, but cats only see a veterinarian half as often. They don't get the care they need and deserve for a number of reasons. One reason cats don't get veterinary care is they usually don't like going to the vet! They don't like carriers and they don't like car rides. But it doesn't have to be this way. Cats love hiding in boxes, and there is no reason they can't love a carrier too. Here are some tips to make your clinic visit more pleasant, including how to train your cat to love a cat carrier. At the end are some QR codes which can be scanned with a smart phone to take you to some YouTube videos on how to accustom your cat to a cat carrier to make your visit to the veterinarian stress-free. The third video is not just educational but also very humorous, well worth watching.